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Manchester United's Carrington Training Ground – Manchester

Manchester United's Carrington Training Ground

Protech Roofing are proud to have recently completed another prestigious project. We installed the waterproofing to the terrace at Manchester Uniteds Carrington Training Ground, which was part of a £20m refurbishment project by the Eric Wright Group.

Sarnafil & Kingspan worked closely with architects FDG Fairhursts at tender stage to produce a high specification waterproofing system. David Moyes new office opens onto the terracing, looking out onto the 1st team training pitches. It was designed to be non-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and take the traffic of up to 200 people for various functions.

The following specification was applied:

  • Sarnavap 500 E vapour barrier loose laid
  • Kingspan XPS tapered insulation , mechanically fixed into the concrete substrate with Sarnafil stainless steel fixings
  • 18mm OSB3 structual timber, mechanically fixed as above
  • Sarnafil G410-18EL membrane fully adhered to the OSB3
  • Sarnafil G441-15 Protection layer
  • Install Rubber crumb walkway system

The Sarnafil specification had to take into account the need to create a fall for the terrace on the flat pre-cast concrete substrate and also provide a 20 year guarantee, with a 40 year plus life expectancy. Which is slightly longer than Sir Alex's reign as Manager.

The Greenhouse – Beeston, Leeds

Roofing for The Greenhouse, Beeston, Leeds

The Greenhouse was an award-winning, pioneering low carbon project in Beeston, Leeds, involving the old Shaftsbury House being converted into low carbon flats. Protech were contracted to install Sarnafil waterproofing to the main roof and balconies and Resitrix waterproofing to the internal courtyard.

The main roof was a unique construction of the existing roof meeting the new build. Protech installed 1500m2 of torch on felt vapour control layer onto concrete. This made the building watertight and to keep the programme on time, Kingspan cut to falls insulation was then adhered to the VCL and then Sarnafil light grey G410-12El was fully adhered to the insulation.

The new build was waterproofed with a Kingspan composite top deck insulated panel on to purlins which was then waterproofed with 1100m2 of Sarnafil G410 -12EL. We then constructed a timber box gutter to join the new build to the old one and provided a complete sealed system.

Once all roofing works were complete, Protech worked closely with the architect and client to design, install and waterproof the framework for the solar panels and wind turbine. This involved cutting into the existing waterproofing, fixing brackets and re-instating the waterproofing to enable the Sarnafil warranty to be issued.

The internal courtyard needed to be waterproofed to allow the car park below to be watertight. A screed to falls was laid then an area of 480m2 was waterproofed in Resitrix SK. This was then covered in a decorative resin bound paving system to allow for constant foot traffic.

Contract Value: £256,000
Architect: West + Machell

Lloyds Data Centre, Dawson’s Corner, Pudsey, Leeds

Roofing for Lloyds Data Centre, Leeds

Protech had the extremely difficult task of replacing the failed standing seam roof whilst keeping the complex data building watertight and fully operational. 1860m2 of defective metal standing seam and chipboard were removed. 18mm OSB3 was then installed with a temporary waterproofing of a self-adhesive Sarnavap 5000SA. This enabled all the defective roofs to be removed and made watertight during the same working day. This also allowed Protech to continuously install the 1860m2 of Sarnafil S327-15EL lead grey membrane, making sure the aesthetics were correct on such a prestigious project. Due to planning regulations, décor profile was installed to the east elevation to replicate the original standing seam roof.

Contract Value: £120,000
Architect: Michael Laird

Asda Store, Sandal, Wakefield

Flat Roofing for Asda, Sandal, Wakefield

Protech specified Resitrix SK to waterproof 650m2 of the existing flat roof. The original traditional built-up felt was past its useful life and water ingress was causing disruption to the store. A thermal imaging report was carried out to identify the exact areas causing the problems. The original loose limestone chippings were removed, Kingspan insulation mechanically fixed and Resitrix SK as bonded to the insulation. Asbestos was identified in the slates to the mansard roof which interfaced with the flat roof. Due to Health and Safety standards, the slates could not be removed to allow the correct waterproofing detail.

To accommodate this,we then bonded Resitrix SK directly onto the slates which allowed the continuation of the waterproofing and also enabled ASDA to have a 20 year guarantee on the finished project. This specification was chosen over liquid waterproofing due to Resitrix’s ability to be applied in most conditions, its odour free installation and non-slip properties and a saving of around £18 per m2 over a liquid applied system. Resitrix waterproofing has been installed on further ASDA refurbishment projects in the North of England.

Contract Value: £65,000

Lloyds Data Centre, Copley Halifax

Roofing project at Lloyds Data Centre, Copley, Halifax

The original roof was an inverted roof with traditional built-up felt waterproofing. Below were the computers for the bank’s ATM machines that needed to be kept fully operational whilst the re-roofing was in progress. Core samples were taken of the waterproofing and it was determined that the roof could be overlaid. 1450m2 of existing paving flags and XPS insulation was removed and stacked to one side. The existing roof was then primed, prepared and then overlaid with Resitrix SK membrane.

The existing metal clad upstand was an area of concern for the client. Protech came up with the concept of fully encapsulating all the parapet in Resitrix membrane. The front was framed out in timber and Resitrix was then adhered to the timber upstand and terminated by welding to the existing metal capping. This enabled both the roof and upstand to be covered under the PDT warranty. The existing XPS insulation and paving flags were then re-instated and power washed down. The project was completed one week early of an anticipated programme of ten weeks.

Contract Value: £60,500
Project Manager: EC Harris

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Case Studies

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