4 of the Most Spectacular Green Roofs

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A green roof can simply be described as a roof which is partially or completely covered in vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. In this sense, it is a living roof, and can provide habitats for birds and other small creatures, becoming hosts to entire ecosystems. They can absorb airborne pollutants, drastically reduce sewage overflow by retaining rainwater and can even reduce the urban heat island effect.

Grass Roof House

In short, they are fantastic feats of engineering and great for the environment – and they look beautiful too. In this article, we will take a look at, what we think to be, the most spectacular green roofs across the globe. See if you agree!

The California Academy of Sciences Living Roof

Perhaps one of the most famous and immediately recognisable green roofs in the world is located at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, California. There are weather stations on the roof which monitor wind, rain and slight changes in temperature, all of which inform the building’s automated systems and skylights. In turn, this keeps the interior piazza cool and allows natural light to break through.

Museé du Quai Branlys Vertical Garden, Paris

Museé du Quai Branlys was designed and planted by French botanist Dr. Patrick Blanc, and is arguably one the most impressive buildings on the planet, let alone Paris. The 650-foot-long and 40-foot greenwall truly earns its name as a vertical garden, and is one of the most highly photographed in the world.

The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

An incredible feat of architecture, the Nanyang University’s School of Art, Design and Media boasts a gorgeous green roof which slopes at almost a 45 degree angle. The building is formed by two sloping independent arms which form a courtyard in the centre, and the green roof itself doubles as a scenic outdoor communal space. It also manages to keep the ambient temperature down during the daytime.

City Hall Green Roof, Chicago

First planted in 2000, Chicago’s City Hall’s green roof is a remarkable feat. Initially, it was conceived as a project to test the benefits of green roofs and how they may affect air temperature and air quality in Chicago. The plants in the garden were specifically selected for their ability to thrive in Chicago, which experiences conditions of heat and extreme winds regularly. Most of these plants are in fact prairie plants native to Chicago.

With over 20,000 plants and over 150 different species, the roof garden contributes considerably to Chicago’s air quality, and it conserves energy too.
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