5 common roofing problems to be aware of

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We all know what an expensive business having your roof fixed can be, and with the weather taking a turn for the worse over the winter months, the harsh conditions only serve to worsen roofing issues. There are a handful of common roofing problems to look out for, which – if caught early – can be fixed more easily and at a lower cost than if they are left to worsen. Here are five of the most common roofing problems that may affect your roof this winter, or indeed throughout the rest of the year:


Particularly at this time of year, severe weather conditions such as rain, snow and sleet, as well as the freeze and defrost cycle we are becoming accustomed to, can all contribute to issues of damp on your roof. Depending on the levels of water, moisture can range from a mild damp to serious leaks, and on flat roofs full blown puddles can even build up. This moisture can seriously damage the roofing materials, leading to mold and rot deep within its structure. For tiled roofs, take special care to make note of any missing tiles, as damp could penetrate the roofing materials easily in their absence.

Blistering and shrinkage

When a roof membrane – the material underneath the shingles – shrinks, it often causes cracks in the upper layers of the roofing. Cracks, blistering and surface erosion of shingles can be unsightly, to start with, but lead to more serious, deep-rooted issues as time goes on. Cracks can deepen and widen, leaving the under layers of the roofing vulnerable to further weathering and effects of the outdoors; something they are not created to resist. This is also an issue for tiled roofing, as membranes beneath the upper roofing layers can cause the tiles above to split and erode.


Damage from harsh weather conditions, disturbances from new fittings or the heavy foot traffic involved can all lead to punctures in roofing material. Sealants used around penetrations involving in the fitting of household appliances and HVAC all need to be checked regularly, to ensure there are no punctures present, as these are bound to cause access for damp further into the roof’s structure.


Small animals and insects can be surprisingly damaging to roofs. What you may not know is that they are extremely attracted to the wood beneath the overhang of the roof, and actively seek out any cracks, empty holes or areas of rot which are likely to be warm and contained. If left, these critters can cause serious damage to your roof’s structure; so get rid of them as soon as you can, once you are aware of their presence.


The first, most obvious thing to watch out for is that any trees near your roof do not have overhanging branches which touch the roof, as these could easily wipe off shingles or tiles come a bout of bad weather or on a particularly windy day. In these instances, nearby trees may have branches fall onto the roof, which could create even more serious damage, such as punctures or breakages in the roofing.

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