5 important roofing checks when purchasing a commercial property

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When purchasing a commercial property, the roofing is something that can make or break a deal. With roofing repairs being a costly addition to purchasing a premises, you should make sure the roof at the commercial property you are interested in is in good nick to save you money and time further down the line. Here, we run through the five more important roofing checks to carry out when you are thinking of purchasing a commercial property:

Water leakage

First and foremost, you should examine the roof for any evidence of water leaking. Water can prove disastrous for commercial roofing, creating moisture spots which could lead to leaks and damaged roofing materials.

Visibly damaged roofing material and structure

One easy way to spot damage on your commercial roof is simply to look out for visible signs of an issue. This could be damaged or broken tiles, a sagging or broken internal structure leading to a collapsed area within the roof, or any other visible issues. While these smaller issues may not always be costly to repair, they need to be fixed to ensure the safety of your roof for those within the property.


The buildup of debris is something which is common for roofs, with leaves, dirt and insects creating collections of debris on a variety of types of roof. If these are left to build up too much, though, they can create issues of damp or rot, with organisms eating away at the roofing materials and creating structural issues and damage.

Ventilation and insulation

Correct and adequate ventilation and insulation at any property is absolutely vital, both of which stem from the effective circulation of air and insulation in a property’s roof. For this reason, underlays and membranes of roofs should all be adequately inspected during a roofing check. Without adequate insulation or ventilation, damp and mould can occur, creating a potential requirement for costly repairs and even replacement.

A second eye

With a reliable, reputable roofing contractor carrying out the above checks for you, you can be sure that any potential issues won’t go unnoticed, so make sure you appoint an expert when carrying out an inspection on the roof of the property you are interested in.

If you discover any problems in your potential property’s roofing, this does not have to mean the end of your purchase. In fact, issues in the roofing could give you as a buyer a strong foothold for negotiations, allowing you to possibly negotiate the property’s price down.

Not only this, but any customers purchasing a commercial property in Leeds and the surrounding areas which does have a damaged roof can rely on the experts here at Protech Roofing to get their roof fixed up and fully functional in no time at all, and at a great price.


Simply get in touch today to find out more about any of our roofing services, and we’ll be more than happy to help. With years of experience in the industry, our experts have the relevant skills and knowledge to advise our customers accordingly and carry out the services their roofs require in an efficient yet thorough manner and at a great price.

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