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Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy and store it using photovoltaic cells, so the natural energy can be reused, producing a “green” renewable system. The electricity generated by solar panels is 100% clean, and by ‘clean’ we mean there have zero negative effects on the environment. Protech Roofing are here to discuss the benefits of having solar panels and not only what they can do for you, but the environment also.

Benefits to suit yousolar Panel

Get paid for being green today! Reduce your electricity bills and invest in your home with a green, environmentally friendly house that’ll also increase your home’s worth too. Not only will you be able to live with solar energy independence, but with reliability. Cut your costs with help from your solar energy savings, whilst being green and saving your carbon footprint. Solar panels can:

  • Reduce your electricity bills. Natural sunlight is free and, therefore, the energy solar panels absorb in the day will be reused for your household devices and lighting.
  • Encourage additional income. The UK government has a scheme called Feed-in Tariff. They will pay you for all the electricity your solar panels produce.
  • Make you money on the energy you don’t use. If your panels are creating copious amounts of energy that you’re simply not using, then you can sell it back via the Feed-in Traffic programme.
  • Require infrequent, low cost maintenance. Infrequent checks should be made to ensure you’re getting the most from your solar panels. Occasionally, the panels themselves can be wiped to get rid of any dust and dirt, but usually rain will do this for you.
  • Increase house value. A green home is a very attractive asset to potential buyers; it can increase your home’s value as a ‘greenhouse’, meaning the buyers will save in future and, so, are happier to spend more.
  • Require trouble-free installation. Solar panels can be fitted on suitable roofs in as little as a couple of days and can be generating clean energy as of the very next day.




Benefits for the environment

Benefits for the environment

Luckily, the benefits for solar panels go hand in hand; not only are they good for you, but also the environment. By supporting solar power you’re encouraging jobs and reducing global warming in return. This win-win system is just as important today as it will be for future generations. Solar panels can:


  • Minimise your carbon footprint. Solar energy doesn’t produce carbon dioxide, therefore, reducing your footprint.
  • Create a solution to reduce global warming. Thanks to ‘clean’ energy, there will be a reduced need to burn fossil fuels and will decrease global warming.
  • Create jobs. Hundred of thousands of jobs have been created thanks to the solar industry. With numbers still increasing now in 2017, this means more and more people are turning to solar energy. It has become a popular solution for alternate everyday energy
  • Encourage energy independence. During peak times, the costs of electricity rises due to the sheer demand. With solar energy, your costs are reduced and you can rely on your own reliable source – a perfect time to relish your solar power savings.

Protech Roofing love the benefits solar power can provide for individuals and the surrounding environment. So much so, we encourage everyone to spread the word, in a hope that one day we all take the time to invest in a world of solar energy security. With many significant benefits such as saving money, making money, helping reduce global warming and various other mentioned advantages, you too could enjoy the benefits of ‘clean’ solar energy. If you wish to discuss solar panels, please get in touch with a friendly adviser today.

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