Can Solar Panels Still Provide Power Through Winter?

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When it comes to doing our bit for the environment, a lot of us have made small changes to our daily lives; whether that’s by recycling more, making less journeys by car, turning off electrical items after use and more.

Many of us have gone a step further, working to reduce the energy used by our households in order to run. From fitting double glazing to lower the amount of heat lost, to having insulating materials inserted into the wall cavities, there are a number of alterations that can be made to any property in order to make it more environmentally friendly.

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions – as well as your electricity bills – is to install solar panels on to your roof. The panels utilise the sun’s energy, generating power to run the household’s electrics – it is estimated that the amount of sunlight hitting the Earth’s surface in any given hour is sufficient to supply the planet with the power it requires for a whole year. There is also the option to sell any excess energy back to the National Grid too!

Solar Power During Winter

Despite the obvious benefits offered by the installation of solar paneling, many in the UK are concerned about their efficacy – particularly in a country not famed for its year-round sunshine! This is an even greater issue during the winter, when the days become cold and dark and the sun’s warmth seems like a distant memory.

But fear not: solar paneling is still very much a viable option during the winter months.

This is mainly because they don’t require heat in order to produce power; just light. Although there is less of this as well during the shorter winter days, the benefits of solar panels can still be noticeable.

However, the reality is that, in order to rely on solar energy throughout the season, small changes to the running of the household will have to be made. These could be as small as cutting out that luxurious bath and opting for a quick shower, washing your clothes at a lower temperature, switching off lights when exiting a room, and generally having a more austere approach to your energy consumption.

Keeping your panels clear of snow and debris blown onto them from strong winds is also key: while snow may melt, brushing it off will result in a reduction of the time your panels spent obscured from the sun’s rays.


Finding out whether your home is suitable for the installation of solar panelling could be the first step towards creating an eco-friendly and cost-efficient household.


Protech Roofing have over 25 years of experience in the industry, making us the premier supplier and installer of solar PV systems in Leeds, Sheffield and the wider Yorkshire region. Our expert team are on hand to fit a range of solar panelling, helping you to reduce both your carbon footprint and your utility bills. For more information, or to arrange for a quote, get in touch with Protech Roofing today.


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