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Flat roofs can make a really strong architectural statement and look brilliant on the right property; however, they do come with some maintenance problems. Namely, draining them isn’t always that easy. When pooling water on a flat roof is left for too long, issues can spring up such as pulled away flashing and washed away stone or gravel, ultimately causing damage to the underlying structure and interior finishing of the roof. Any water leaking through could also cause some serious problems to your home too.

To help guard against these problems, this month, we will be taking a look at some effective drainage solutions for flat roofs.

Scupper drains

Scupper drains are an economical drain system that can be installed in low edge areas to reduce the pooling of water in particular areas. They are galvanised drains which are attached to the roof and work by guiding water from the edge of the roof down to the guttering.

Internal drains

Internal drains are a great, affordable flat roof drainage solution that can tie into an existing drainage system without too much fuss. They work through the installation of aluminium inserts into areas of the roof where water commonly pools. Then, plumbing systems are attached to the drain inserts, guiding the water out of the building through a sidewall. In order to be properly effective, this sort of system should be installed by a licensed plumber.

True sloped insulation

This drainage solution, on the other hand, is a little more expensive. Given that it’s installed underneath the roof, true sloped insulation is typically installed with new roofs.

Firstly, measurements of the roof are taken, and then insulation is pre-cut by the manufacturer to roof’s measurements. Once completed, a slope pattern is created based on the size of the roof, then technicians install a the slope to create a perfect ramp which guides the water away from the roofs surface. Finally, the roof is installed on top.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this system is that it offers an effective drainage solution, without any added eyesores which can detract from the minimal aesthetic of the flat roof itself.

Plant Carriers

Installing a plant carrier to soak up any pooling water is an economical and eco-friendly way to enhance drain system that’s already in reasonable shape.

Plant carriers have a carrier element, usually a netting of biodegradable fibres or plastic, where seeds or seedlings are planted. The roots anchor in the netting and suck moisture from the roof. Water not used by the plants is whisked away by the current drain system.

This is a rather novel drainage solution and, when executed effectively, can add a nice natural touch to your home.

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