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A green roof is simply one which vegetation is grown intentionally over a waterproof membrane. This can help establish habitats for wildlife, and add a soft, natural touch to an otherwise harsh, urban building.

There are many benefits to having a green roof. From helping cities adapt to the effects of climate change by reducing the need for artificial cooling, while also extending the lifespan of the roof thanks to its resistance to UV light, green roofs have many uses. However, like all roofs – and gardens for that matter – they need a proper maintenance schedule in order to keep them in optimal condition. So, with this in mind, in this article the Protech Roofing team will offer some tips on how to maintain a green roof.


Once the soil for your green roof has been initially laid down, it is vital that you remove the weeds which will inevitably spring up. This will give the plants that you wish to cultivate a chance to grow properly.stinging-nettles-2915445_960_720

However, this isn’t a one-time job. Later in the year, seeds dropped by roaming birds or carried by the wind will certainly find their way onto your green roof. Although some of these seeds are essentially harmless, others – such as budding trees – could prove extremely problematic if left alone, unless the building in question is extremely large. To guard against this problem, perform monthly walks on the roof to inspect.

Clear the drainage area

The border around the edge of the roof is essential for drainage. As such, this area should always be kept clear of plants. If any vegetation is planted too close the border, it could quickly clog it up if left unattended. So, further weeding is required!

Minimise watering

Contrary to what you might think, watering your green roof can be a very bad watering-can-848223_960_720thing. Since water is extremely heavy, it will add unwanted weight to your roof. What’s more, if you add a period of unexpected heavy rain on top of that – which isn’t unlikely here in the UK – you could have a problem on your hands. In an ideal world, you would plant vegetation which requires as little water as possible.


Compost should be added to your roof twice a year. This will provide your green roof with necessary nutrients and revitalise the soil.

Keep an eye on pestsinsect-3136770_960_720

Pests can wreak havoc on your green roof, especially given the fact that it’s not easy to keep an eye on a lot of the time. Although green roofs are designed to cultivate small ecosystems, you are bound to find some unwanted insects there too.
Does the idea of a green roof appeal to you? Here at Protech Roofing, we’re specialists in the design and installation of green roofs. All of our green roofs are installed to the very highest of standards, using innovative techniques and the best quality materials and products on the market. So if you’re looking for a cost effective and visually pleasing way to lower the carbon footprint of your business, contact the team here at Protech Roofing.

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