Green Roofing Solutions – How Could It Benefit You?

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As the world begins to turn the tide on carbon emissions – or at least make significant reductions – we are now turning our attention to every avenue available to make our homes greener. If you’ve ever thought about wanting a greener house but don’t want to go as far as buying an eco-pod then why not consider green roofing? The roof is an area most people don’t use directly for any purpose so it’s the ideal place to give over to nature. The benefits aren’t just green either; check out the other perks of growing a green roof.

A green roofing layer protects your roof

The idea of soil, grass and wildlife on your roof might fill you with horror, but there are several benefits. Since a green layer is more resistant to fire, you’ll be adding extra protection in case such an emergency occurs. This will give you extra time to escape if the fire gets out of hand as it will prevent the collapse of the roof better than a standard layer.

The roof on your home is intended to protect from the outside world, but over time it can become torn in its layering and is subject to constant UV radiation. A green roof solves those problems by giving a thick layer between the outside world and your home, as the grass and plants will soak up the UV rays and will benefit because of it.

You’ll get a better thermal performance

We spend just as much time heating our homes in the winter as we do cooling them in summer. Wouldn’t it be great if your home regulated its heat better? Well with a green roof it will, by insulating your home in winter you’ll spend less money on heating bills, and by protecting your roof from the sun’s rays in summer your home should stay cooler. If the green incentive isn’t swaying you then perhaps the money saved on heating and electricity might.

Increasing the local biodiversity

As we create even more concrete jungle, we slowly erode the natural habitats for all kinds of plants, birds and insects. It would be nice to give something back, and, although it is elevated, a green roof will provide a platform in which a variety of life can survive. If you’re a budding garden enthusiast you can even arrange plants and greenery to create a design which you find most pleasing, or you can try to attract certain animals and insects by looking up more information about their habitats online.

It’s more water absorbent

In the UK we are seeing more and more rain, and that means extra strain on your gutters and drainage. With a green roof, you offer an absorbent layer. Therefore it will be instantly recycled, drank by the plants benefiting their growth and adding yet more protection to the roof. At the very least it reduces the water going down your drains, which helps reduce overflowing and blockages in a storm.

Here at Protech Roofing we specialise in green, eco-friendly roofing so if you have any questions about upgrading your roof or how a green roofing solution benefits you then get in touch with us today, our team are always happy to help.

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