How long before my roof needs replacing?

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Every material has a lifespan, whether that’s 5, 10, or even 50 years, and the material used for your roofing is no different. There will come a point where rather than simply repair your existing roof, replacing it altogether may be the most cost effective and safe solution for your business.

How long your roof will last before it needs replacing can depend on a number of factors, so you should have your independent circumstances assessed rather than to go off an estimated figure, as your location, the weather, and the amount of use the roof sees (people walking on it etc) can all affect it. However, there are reliable estimates as to how long your roof can stand without needing replacing depending on the material you have.


Metal is a popular and budget friendly roofing option for many industrial premises. It is estimated that a metal roof can last up to 30-45 years if the roof is maintained over the years. Maintenance may include requiring painting to avoid rust, replacement of any damaged panels, and re-fastening the roof as necessary.

Different metals can have widely varying lifespans, however, so these factors do depend on the material you choose to invest in.


Concrete is an extremely durable material, requiring very little maintenance in order to ensure it lasts for years. A typical concrete roof can last up to 50 years provided no cracking appears in the roof, with little required in order to maintain it compared with many other materials.


EPDM rubber roofing possesses many versatile properties that make it the ideal solution for a range of commercial premises due to it’s ability to withstand the elements and remain non-slip. This roofing choice has an above-average estimated lifespan of up to 50 years, so is an extremely cost effective option to avoid having to replace your roof too soon.


Slate is a popular roofing material, adding an attractive aesthetic to any building. It is not built to withstand excess use, so if people are walking across it constantly then your slate roof is likely to need replacing sooner, however a well maintained roof can last over 50 years with only routine maintenance required, making this an ideal option for a cost effective solution!


For a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your existing roof, a roofing survey is the most appropriate option. We provide independent roofing reports here at Protech to assess the performance of your existing roof, including:

  • Necessary repairs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Refurbishment required

Our expert team can also advise on the likelihood of you needing to replace your roof in its current condition, or if smaller repairs will suffice. To discuss your requirements and arrange a roofing consultation, simply contact us today – our friendly team are always happy to help.

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