How to Hang Christmas Decorations Without Damaging Your Roof

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It’s that time of the year when the glimmer of Christmas lights can be seen in neighbourhoods across the country. If you’re keen to join in the festive spirit, you may be wondering how to spruce up your roof with minimal damage and maximum effect. Whilst decorating the home is an exciting part of Christmas, it should also be done with your roof’s health in mind, and most importantly, in a safe manner. To get started, read our top tips below about how to hang Christmas decorations without damaging your roof.

Plan and prepare

Preparation is key. Before you begin, try and create a plan of where your decorations will be hung and what layout you’re aiming for. This gives you chance to check all of your lights for any unsafe elements such as loose wiring, faulty plugs or broken bulbs. Anything that could potentially be a fire hazard should be ruled out e.g. having too many lights connected to one power source. An important tip is to always ensure that your chosen lights are suitable for the outdoors. Also make a note of any overhead power lines above your house; these will need to be avoided during decoration.

Damage-free attachment

Don’t drill or make holes in fascias or shingles. These materials are brittle and even more so in winter, leading them to crack easily. Try not to attach the decorations to your exterior with staples or nails, as these holes will allow water to enter your roof structure, wreaking havoc and causing water damage and rot. Instead the use of clips is advised, as these will cause no damage to your roof. These handy items will clip your decorations onto gutters, shingles and eaves, and are easy to attach and remove.

If you have any inflatables or figures that will call your roof home this Christmas, such as Santas and reindeers, beware that strong winds may blow them from the roof if they are not secured properly. Once again, avoid nails and staples, and instead experiment with more gentle attachments such as duct tape, ropes or cords.

Keep safety in mind

Hospital is the last place anyone wants to spend Christmas, so make sure to consider roof and ladder safety during the wintry weather. Avoid walking on your roof or using a ladder in the middle of icy spells, as they can become slippery and hazardous to walk on. In general, walking on your roof should be avoided as it can cause damage to the roofing material and potentially reduce its lifespan. If you must walk on the roof, try and step on the middle of shingles rather than the overlapping edges, as this reduces damage.

Hire a professional

If you struggle with vertigo, or if you just don’t fancy braving your rooftop in winter, another alternative is to call in a roofing professional to install your decorations safely.

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