How to protect your roof from lightning

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Although thunder and lightning can be an impressive natural show, it can also be an extremely destructive force of nature. This is why Protech Roofing have put together a ‘how-to’ guide to ensure that your home is protected from potential lightning damage.

Every year countless homes are affected by lightning strikes but there are ways to prevent this from happening, and the first step you should take towards protecting your home is to contact a professional. In this case an expert will install a certified system to keep your family and your home safe during a lightning storm.

This system controls the force of the strike and provides a manufactured pathway into the ground to eliminate the risk of fire or explosion. Qualified experts use UL-materials to ensure that it meets with safety regulations and the National Fire Protection Association’s guidelines.


What can a lightning strike do?

  • Crack open a roof and ignite a fire within the home.
  • Explode bricks.
  • Strike trees near your home and affect travel along the power lines connected to the house.
  • Electric gates can open up an attractive pathway to lightning.


The protection system main components

  • Lightning rods “air terminals” – made from copper or aluminium are installed vertically onto the roof and these are placed here to intercept a lightning strike.
  • Conductor cables – these heavy cables are fixed around the top and sides of the roof of a building and down into the corners, that’ll flow into the ground rods.
  • Ground rods – these thick, large rods are placed 10 feet deep into the earth’s surface, these direct the electric current into the ground.


Tree protection

The Lightning Protection Institute also suggests that homeowners with trees surrounding their home or within ten feet of the home, or taller than the building itself, should be supplied with a lightning protection system.

Why? Trees contain lots of water and this conducts an electrical current, better than air which is why they’re commonly struck during a lightning storm. When lightning does strike a tree, the electricity boils the water within the trunk and results in an explosion.

As many homeowners and business owners welcome lush green trees around their property, they do not offer protection during a lightning storm which is why lightning rods should be installed. These rods are better conductors than water and therefore the bolt will be attracted to this, rather than the tree and will safely make its way into the ground, protecting your trees and the surrounding area.


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