How to Protect Your Roof From Wind Damage

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No matter where you live, some form of extreme weather is pretty much inevitable. Here in the UK, although we don’t get the worst of it, we consistently have to negotiate heavy wind and rain. Consequently, our homes have to withstand a fair bit of meteorological abuse now and then, especially when storms and gale force winds sweep across the country. So, in this article, Protech Roofing are on-hand to provide you with some ways to protect your roof from wind damage, and hopefully your wallet from the ensuing repairs!

How does wind damage occur?

One of the key reasons why wind damage occurs is because when wind sweeps over your roof, the pressure isn’t spread uniformly. That is, although the sloping nature of many roofs guard against wind damage, they are still susceptible when put under enough stress. Certain areas of your roof, namely, the corners and the perimeter, receive much more pressure than the centre, meaning that wind damage tends to start here. If any tiles begin to come loose, the wind will eventually get underneath it, peeling the roof back tile by tile.

So, wind damage doesn’t necessarily occur overnight, it can develop gradually through repeat exposure to wind, meaning you have to be extra vigilant to be sure it doesn’t creep up on you!

Things you can do to prevent roof damage


  • Inspect roof tiles: As wind damage can be gradual and doesn’t necessarily happen all in one go, it’s extremely important that you inspect your roof as often as possible – at least annually. When inspecting your roof, look for curled or damaged tiles, missing tiles and manufacturing defects. This is because poorly maintained roofs are not covered by home insurance policies, meaning – in the event of a storm – your bank balance will be damaged, too.
  • Inspect guttering: Often forgotten, loose guttering can cause serious damage to your roof in the event of a storm. A strong wind could rip it right out of place, forcing it up on to the roof and removing tiles in the process.
  • Check for moss: If there is moss growing on your roof under the tiles, this could be a contributing factor towards them being pushed up. There are plenty of products on the market that can aid the removal of moss once identified.
  • Check for leaks: Leaks can be a fairly good indication that there is rotting timber in your roof. If this is the case, it will be very susceptible to wind damage. This is best to get replaced immediately if possible.
  • Remove branches or trees that could fall on your home: Before the next gale force wind sweeps over your city, it’s probably a good idea to reassess risk factors in your garden. Overhanging and protruding branches, or simply tall trees that are too close to your home, must be removed if you think there’s a chance that they might fall on your roof. Keep your shrubs and hedges trimmed for the same reason.



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