How to Safely Decorate Your Roof This Christmas

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When it comes to Christmas time, every family has their own unique way of expressing their Christmas spirit. One particular way of doing it is putting up Christmas lights. We put them on our trees and drape them in our kitchens, but some like to go the extra mile and create a light show on the roofs of our houses. Although this is an excellent way of communicating your Christmas cheer to rest of the town, it’s extremely important that you install your lights with the utmost care.

In order to help you do this, the team at Protech Roofing are on hand to offer some advice.

Get the right ladderladder-2794042_960_720

First things first, before you think about your light show and the way in which the lights will be positioned, you need to think about how you’re going to get up there. The answer: a good ladder. Most importantly, it needs to be the correct length, at least two or three rungs above the roof itself to be exact. However, another important factor is stability; don’t just use any old rickety ladder that you find in your shed.

Lights – and only lights

We would also like to take this opportunity to advise against putting any other decorations other than Christmas lights on the roof. This means that blow up Santas, statues and any other kind of festive decor should be avoided, since there’s a fairly high chance that a gust of wind could see them tumbling down.

Make sure you have everything planned prior to the climb

Do not rush to get up on the roof because, if you don’t prepare properly, you may find yourself back up there again. Instead, check that all the bulbs on the lights work on the ground, this way, you won’t be disappointed come the big reveal.

Whilst you’re preparing, make sure that you formulate a plan as to where the lights will go once you’re up on the roof. The idea here is to simply minimise the amount of time you spend up on the roof and also to minimise the concentration that you’re putting into the lights themselves, so you can focus on your safety!

Finally, make sure you use the correct footwear, as this is a vital part of ensuring your christmas-2577748_960_720safety. We recommend sturdy, non-slip footwear such as work boots.

Clip your lights in the correct way

When you’re up on the roof and arranging your lights, it’s essential that you attach them to the roof in the correct manner. That is, make sure that you attach your lights to the guttering – not your roof tiles! If attached to the tiles themselves, this could cause damage or leaking.

If you’re searching for expert roofing contractors in the Leeds area, look no further than Protech Roofing. We have over 25 years of experience providing and installing top quality roofs for commercial, domestic and industrial clients alike. Respectable and professional, we can be trusted to offer roofing surveys and assessments to find the right solutions for our customers. For more information, simply get in touch today.

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