Is Your Roof Ready For Winter?

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The weather here in the UK is as unpredictable as ever; you never know when the sub-zero temperatures will hit or when the snow blizzard will blast its way across the country. When you think about which part of your building is most vulnerable to this inclement weather, your mind will automatically shift to your roof – it bears the brunt of every weather front.

In preparation for the harsher weather, you might want to ensure that your roof is ready, here we offer up some handy advice and guidance for looking after your roof at this time of the year.

Check your roof…                            
Whether you look from ground level or get up on the ladders, the best way to find out what condition your roof is in is to actually look. You will be able to spot any cracked or missing tiles and shingles which need replacing, this is key to keeping out leaks and ice which can cause more damage during winter months.

When doing a quick survey of your roof, you will also be able to see if any of the rendering or pointing is damaged. If so, then you need to get your roof repaired as soon as possible – the harder weather will no doubt damage it further and cost you more in the long run. Any aerials or satellite dishes you might have will also need securing – if they are even slightly loose then a blast of wind could tear them off.

Guttering can impact heavily on your roof if not kept in good condition. Throughout autumn you will see leaves build up, so if your building is in an area where the trees are higher than your roof you will probably need to clear out your guttering. This will help to keep rain water and snow flowing away from your roof. A blockage can flood your roof and cause water damage or freeze over and expand to slowly split guttering or exposed cracks.

If your guttering isn’t secured in place then it is pretty useless – it is vital for the redirection of water away from your roof. Wind could tear it out of place if it isn’t firmly in place, and if it is cracked then you will have a waterfall cascading by your windows.

Extra considerations…

If you have a flat roof then it is important that you ensure the integrity of your surfacing. If it is cracked or punctured then standing water will eventually find its way inside your building and cause extensive damage. Get rid of any debris which has collected, such as leaves, animal nests, moss etc. By clearing your roof you give it a better chance of standing up to the elements.

Older buildings are likely to have a chimney that will need a close inspection before winter. You need to establish whether it is well sealed where it meets your roof and that it is sturdy enough to stand up to heavy gusts of wind. Hire a chimney sweep to make sure all is well inside your chimney too.

Before winter hits you hard, have a professional survey your roof so that any problems or issues can be flagged and fixed in time for the poor weather. By tackling problems early you save time and money; then you can settle down for winter safe in the knowledge that your home is well protected.

Here at Protech Roofing, we provide roof repairs and maintenance at all times of the year, so get in contact with us today if you want to protect your home through the winter months.

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