What Are The Pros and Cons of Flat Roofing?

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When it comes to choosing the style of roof you’re going to have there can be some tough decisions to make and you need to weigh up all of the information according to your specific needs. There are two main types of roof from which you can generally choose: flat and pitched roofing. Here are just a few pros and cons of the former.

Flat Roofing

The pros

Firstly, let’s start off with the pros for flat roofing. They’re commonly used in conversions and can aid you in your plans in the right situations. The main benefit of a flat roof should be obvious to all, as its levelled top means it is much easier to inspect. Of course you should exercise caution when climbing on to any roof, but there is less risk of you slipping once on a flat surface. This means you can gauge the condition and carry out minor repairs much more easily.

There are two layers to a flat roof and can come in a variety of materials including asphalt, bitumen and rubber. The good news is that they are cheap to recoat which means you save money and don’t have to risk extensive damage when you spot a tear or hole in your roof material.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint even further? Then consider a green roof. While these aren’t limited to flat roofs, they are easier to plant and maintain on a flat roof. Some simple grass and plants give natural habitat to wildlife and offers the chance to add a natural look to your home.

The cons

There are fewer cons for flat roofs, but they can be easily identified as they often relate to a pro. The recoating of your flat roof might be cheap but it will need to be recoated more regularly than any work you would need on a pitched roof. The recommended recoating time is once every few years, between 2-3 years, depending on how much harsh weather your roof is exposed to.

When it comes to sealing a flat roof it needs to be done properly; if the two layers aren’t sealed together properly across the roof then it can be costly. Additionally, it doesn’t afford great protection from snow and heavy rain as it can pool and weigh down on a flat roof.

While a flat roof is cheaper to replace, it won’t be as sturdy and long lasting as a pitched roof and will require more attentive upkeep – especially if there is heavy snow fall, as this will expose the structure of your building to heavy weights.

For flat roofing services in Sheffield then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Protech Roofing. We are experts in dealing with flat roofing repairs and sealing, with vast experience on both large scale and small scale projects.

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