The Benefits of an Eco-Roof

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At its simplest, an eco-roof, also known as a green roof, is a roof that has a suitable structure to allow plants to grow. They are usually constructed of a waterproof membrane covered in a growth medium, such as soil or other residue, in which the plants may grow. Depending on the complexity and expense of the system, there can also be features such as irrigation systems and root barriers to add even more functionality to the roof. Here at Protech Roofing we have put together a few of the benefits an Eco-Roof can have to your business.

If you’ve been looking for a way to save on bills, and help the environment as an added bonus, looking into installing an eco-roof on your commercial property is a great first step. An eco-roof can make a real dent in your heating bills by providing a substantial extra layer of insulation and locking the heat inside for longer. For a one-time expense you can watch your heating bills plummet, and stay low for years to come. As well as the reduction in heating bills, an eco-roof can also provide tax breaks that would otherwise be unavailable. Depending on your area, government grants can partially subsidise the costs of installing an eco-roof, and your council tax and building rates can even drop as a result of your new investment. If your business produces a large amount of greywater as a by-product, try irrigating a green roof with this! It’s a clean and simple solution to your concerns about water wastage, and can give your eco-roof boost while at the same time conserving our precious rivers and waterways.

Installing an eco-roof can even have positive effects on the structure of the roof itself. Although you’ll have to make sure that your roof is sufficiently strong to support a layer of water-saturated growth, the layer of soil and vegetation above will protect the waterproof membrane of your roof from exposure to damaging UV light, thereby allowing it to last much longer than a comparable roof unprotected by a layer of flora.

As well as the environmental and financial benefits to installing an eco-roof on your commercial property, providing a rare urban green space in which your employees can relax and interact is sure to boost their productivity and efficiency. There are proven benefits to relaxing in a luscious green space during breaks and lunch times, and a chance to soak up the rays in a landscape otherwise dominated by skyscrapers will quickly be lapped up by your workers. Of course, to create a veritable urban park on your rooftop will require a special kind of eco-roof. There are, in fact, two kinds of eco-roof: intensive and extensive. Intensive roofs are thicker, and therefore provide the depth required for larger plants to flourish. Extensive roofs are thinner than intensive roofs, but they can still support small plants such as grasses and herbs.

It’s hard to put a price on the esteem and prestige of being the first in your competitive field to install this environmentally sound system, and your customers will appreciate that your company is trying to do its part for the planet. So if you’ve been looking for a way to cut back on the bills, to help the environment, and to boost company standing all at the same time, then invest in an eco-roof for your business.

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