The dos and don’ts of metal roofing and cladding

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When considering metal roofing and cladding, it is vital to consider not only the type of metal but what goes underneath as well. Here, we explain a little more about the dos and don’ts of metal roofing and cladding practice, and what should and shouldn’t be going on in the process.

Choose for practicality, not for look

Though achieving the right aesthetic is vital, as a property’s roofing is clearly visible for the world to see, it is important to consider issues and properties of different metals such as:

  • life expectancy
  • buildability
  • maintenance
  • patina
  • how much you are prepared to pay

Once these considerations have been taken into account, you can proceed to decide upon which metal will best suit your desired effect in terms of the aesthetic finish and overall look.

Explore types of metal

With the above properties in mind, you can begin to explore which metals will work best for you and your property. In general, it is a given that hard metals offer a longer lifespan with a self-protective patina, as well as being low in weight and fully recyclable. They offer a striking appearance, allowing for a pleasing aesthetic at your property. Here are some types of metal that could be used in metal roofing and cladding, and what each metal has to offer that others may not:


  • Zinc is particularly suited to marine environments, with the potential to last up to 60 years with the right build-up. Requiring no maintenance whatsoever, Zinc does not need to be painted to maintain a pleasing, smart aesthetic, rather coming readily available in a pigmented, natural or pre-patinated finish, or even with roller applied textures.

Stainless steel:

  • Stainless steel has an even longer life expectancy than Zinc, with the potential to last up to 80 years where Zinc lasts 60 without costing any more. Another benefit of stainless steel is that it is extremely resistant to corrosion, and also requires zero maintenance. There are options in terms of look and finish with the possibility for surface treatments, though these can sometimes ripple slightly which could be viewed as a negative or, if the effect is aesthetically pleasing, a positive.


  • Copper is the longest lasting metal, as well as having an extremely appealing aesthetic for your metal roofing and cladding. It is corrosion resistant and equally requires no maintenance which, coupled with its impressive lifespan, makes it more expensive than the other options, but it can be argued that it is more cost effective on account of its ability to last longer and withstand more. It is available in natural, pre-oxidised or pre-weathered green, and in terms of tones, it can come in bronze, gold or even green.

Choose the right installer

Whilst there is no British Standard for the installation of Zinc roofing, there is still relevant research to be done and considerations to be made when deciding upon an installer.

Here at Protech Roofing, we have a professional team of roofing contractors who specialise in the installation of roofing and cladding for a variety of properties. For more information on any of our products or services, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today – we’ll be happy to help, whatever the enquiry.


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