The importance of good commercial roof ventilation

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Having adequate ventilation running through your commercial roof is vital for its health and longevity. Saving on costly damage as well as your electricity bill, a well-ventilated commercial roof really is a vital aspect of any environmentally sound, energy efficient property. Here, we give some reasons why:



A well-ventilated commercial roof would lend itself to the insulation of a property. Reducing heat build-up in hot weather, as well as ensuring the spread of saved heat throughout a property in colder months, good ventilation really is key when it comes to keeping your property temperate throughout all times of year.


No risk of damp

Good ventilation at a property prevents excess moisture within it, which in turn lends itself to a more aerated space. This reduces the potential for damp and, thus, mould, making for a healthier, more hygienic property.


Prolongs roof life

Good ventilation in your commercial roof will prolong the life of its structure, reducing the potential for damp and the subsequent damage that can come with it. This, in turn, will reduce the need for excessive structural work as the roof’s structure will last well.


Types of ventilation system

Depending on your property and roof type, there are various ventilation solutions that can be installed at your property. These include:


Vents for flat roofing

Flat roofing can easily fall victim to issues involving excess surface water and subsequent damp, so vents can be fitted in flat roofs to ensure good air circulation throughout the roof’s structure and the property beneath.


Soffit intake vents

These vents are found beneath a roof’s overhang, providing a great ‘escape route’ for hot air and moisture within attics.


Exhaust vents

Working well with intake vents, these allow hot air to flow out of a property’s roof before it can build up and create dangerous moisture levels.


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