The World’s Most Iconic Roofs

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The roofs which line your street where you live might not excite you or fill you with a sense of wonder, but that doesn’t mean that roofs can’t be exciting. There are many examples of interesting, eye-catching roofs around the world and that’s why we’ve picked a few of our favourites. These roofs might not be the kind of thing you can have done on a whim but they might inspire you to think about yo
ur roof and its value to you at the very least.


Ferrari World

This giant indoor-theme park is the largest of its kind. Located in Abu Dhabi, and opened in 2010, it is a fairly recent monument to quality roofing. From overhead you will see the Ferrari logo on a spiked red triangle stretching in three directions. Overall it covers 86,000 square metres and the logo itself is the largest in the world. This roof makes our list due to sheer size and style, and the sleek engineering is reflective of the Ferrari brand. So much so it is not completely unreconizable from the cars themselves.


Beijing National Stadium

Better known as the Bird’s Nest, this giant piece of modern design was the focal point for the Olympic and Paralympic games held in Beijing in 2008. It gets its name from the twisted lace structure that covers the outside and part of the roof. It now hosts all manner of sporting events including football matches and athletics, and has a lift inside the building named “The Love Elevator”, far from being a drain as some predicted it is a lasting legacy to one of the most lavish Olympic Games put on in recent history.


Sydney Opera House

Work on this iconic building was completed in 1973 and it was designed by Danish designer Jorn Utzon. The roofing of the structure was built with the acoustics of the venue in mind, and has resulted in the Sydney Opera House being one of the greatest venues for performing arts in the world. So treasured is the building that it has now been listed a World Heritage Site


The Sage Gateshead

Another musical entry for the list is The Sage Gateshead up in the North East of England. As part of the quays development, this building flanks the Tyne and opened in 2004 despite being plotted for in the early ‘90s. The roof is curved and forms part of the walls, making the building look like a glass laid on its side, and is created using glass panes and steelwork. The shape is actually intended to maximise the acoustic properties of the building.


There you have it; those are just a few of the most inspiring roofs for inspiring buildings! We’re sure there are many more out there that you would include, but it just goes to show that not all structural masterpieces are old. The thing to remember is that roofs are important and should be valued – even if you aren’t hosting musical events.


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