What are the pros and cons of pitched roofing?

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Pitched roofing is a common style of roofing which involves the two edges of the roof being set at diagonal angles and meeting to form an arch. An alternative to flat roofing, this roofing style affords a number of benefits, some of which are as follows:

Extra space

Perhaps the central advantage of this roofing style is the wealth of space the pitched roof can create at a property. By having a pitched roof, an extra area is created within the attic space; an area large enough to store furniture and belongings in. Alternatively, this extra space can even be used as an additional living space for you and your family. For those concerned with the creation of extra space at their properties, installing a pitched roof could provide them with the space they need without the high expense of other solutions, such as building an extension.

Natural, authentic-looking aesthetic

With the installation of pitched roofing at your property comes an inevitable ‘seal of approval’ from your neighbours, as this roofing solution offers an authentic, natural-looking aesthetic. By ensuring your property blends into its surroundings – the other properties on your street – you will be able not only to keep neighbours and nearby homeowners happy, but ensure that the value of your house is not diminished by a less-than-perfect look which is less attractive than the other properties surrounding yours.


When carrying out any work at your property, it makes sense to consider how long the work will last for, as committing to spending money and time on your property should ideally come with the assurance that the solution will be long-lasting. Pitched roofs, if constructed correctly and properly, are much longer-lasting than flat roofing. With materials that are both more weather resistant and more durable than those used for flat roofing, the pitched roof also benefits its property in terms of insulation. Indeed unlike flat roofing, pitched roofing does not create extremes of temperature within your property; rather, regulating the inside temperature, whatever the weather and conditions outside.

Although pitched roofing is a very wise solution for the reasons above, like any solutions, there are some drawbacks, which are as follows:

Higher expense

With all the benefits listed above, it goes without saying that the pitched roof is more expensive to install than a simple flat roof. This is due to the more complex design and the longer time it takes to install the roof, meaning more manpower is necessary.


It is important to note that pitched roofing can affect the foundations of a building, as they put a strain on the existing foundations, having an implication for the depth of the footings. For this reason, it is not always possible to replace a flat roof with a pitched roof on a property.

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