FAQs: What Does A Roofing Survey Involve?

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Whether you’re buying a house, own a commercial property or are in charge of an industrial warehouse, taking care to have your roof inspected by a qualified professional is vital to its ongoing structural health and longevity.

This is why roofing surveys should be made a priority by all those in charge of the upkeep of a property.

Although there are certain checks that we can all carry out for ourselves, such as inspecting for cracks or damaged shingles, there are a host of problems that only an experienced eye will be able to spot, which is why a full survey is a job for the professionals.

What is involved in a Roofing Survey?

Roofing surveys will assess every aspect of your roof for condition and performance ability. The checks will cover:

  • Chimney stacks: the state of all brickwork and mortar, as well as the condition of flashing around the base of the stack.
  •  Tiling: all tiles and shingles, whether cracked or loose, along with the health of the mortar.
  • Guttering: assess life expectancy of guttering and downpipes, check for blockages, identify leak
  • Flat roofs: check for sagging in the centre of the roof, soft spots, covering for wear and tear and life expectancy assessment.
  • Dormer roofs: inspect condition, quality and health of flashing, window frame timber, cracked glass on dormer windows.
  •  General checks: quality and performance of ventilation and insulation, any condensation/mould issues, splits or cracks in valleys and gullies, the age and condition of the roof covering, any potential leaks.

The surveyor will collate the findings of their assessment into an independent report, detailing the results of the survey, advice for any work they deem necessary to be carried out and usually a quotation for the cost of that work.

Who should carry out the Survey?

Always have your roof surveyed by accredited professionals. Protech Roofing are members of both the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) and the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), and are therefore ideally placed to offer first rate roofing surveys for every property.

Be warned: most mortgage lenders will offer you a ‘survey’ of the property during the finalisation of the mortgage agreement, but this is essentially a valuation report that is sometimes confusingly referred to as a ‘home survey’. This is not a substitute for an independent roofing survey, and is only looking to provide a financial valuation of the property.


Protech Roofing – Commercial roofing contractors Leeds

Here at Protech Roofing, our experienced
team are on hand to provide thorough and comprehensive roofing surveys throughout the region. The independent assessments are designed to check the performance and condition of your roof, identifying any necessary repairs, routine maintenance requirements or refurbishment recommendations.

The results of the survey will be provided to you in an independent report, along with a competitive quote for any work we suggest.

Protech have the skills and expertise necessary to carry out the highest quality surveys on all flat or pitched roofs, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Get in touch today to arrange yours, or for more information.

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