What is the Best Time of the Year to Replace Roofs?

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If you’re thinking of having your roof replaced, then the chances are you have already asked yourself this question. You may think it’s not wholly important since roofing contractors work all year round, but the time of year you choose will ultimately affect the the length and cost of the whole process. With that in mind, it’s certainly worth thinking a bit harder about just when you would like your roof replaced. To lend you a helping hand, Protech Roofing will give you a breakdown of how the different seasons affect a roof replacement.


Spring is a certainly a reasonable time to get your roof replaced. As far as the weather is concerned, the consistently moderate conditions mean that roofing contractors will not be impeded at all. On top of this, spring isn’t the busiest time of the year for roof replacements, meaning that it should be easier to get a booking, and your assigned team hopefully won’t be stretched too thin.

However, if you are looking to get your roof replaced in the following spring and it’s showing clear signs of deterioration, perhaps you should consider rescheduling for a speedier replacement. This is simply because your roof will only get worse over the winter, especially if it’s going to be particularly harsh.


Summer is essentially considered off-peak for roofing contractors, primarily because the good weather makes roofing problems much less apparent. Consequently, getting your roof replaced in the summer could be an excellent idea if you have planned ahead sufficiently. Plus, in the UK, our summers rarely get too hot to have an effect on the process, unless we have a particularly brutal heatwave!


As far as weather and timing is concerned, autumn is the best time to get your roof replaced: the temperature is ideal – not too hot or cold – and it’s the perfect preparation for winter, since you will have a brand new roof to help face the cold snap.

However, there’s a catch – autumn is by far the busiest time of the year for roof replacements, meaning all contractors will be swamped with work.


If possible, don’t get your roof replaced in winter. The harsh conditions make it particularly difficult for contractors to do their job, and it also has an effect on the roofing materials, too. That is, if you’re unlucky, tiles could crack during installation making the whole process a lot longer and more expensive. If you still want to get your roof replaced in winter, then it would be best to discuss this with your chosen roof contractor.

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