Why Choose Solar PV?

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Installing a solar PV system can result in a lot of benefits for companies and homeowners.
Even just one solar panel on a roof will help to reduce a company’s carbon footprint, and the installation of solar PV can result in reduced energy bills for up to 25 years. The government also offers a cash back incentive to companies and homeowners that do install this type of technology on a commercial or residential property, and businesses and homeowners will also be protected from any electricity price rises for some time.

The government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme will benefit households and companies, because it can offer another source of income right up until 2035. In the instance of a standard 2kWp system being installed, a 10% return can be expected on your initial investment every year up till 2035. So, in a decade, the initial cost of your system will have been recouped.

Money can be made in a number of ways, because a company or homeowner that has solar PV installed will have the option of exporting its excess electricity to the grid. A company, for instance, will then be able to benefit from extra revenue that isn’t directly related to the business itself.

There are several other advantages for companies and homeowners that utilise solar PV. A good quality solar PV system won’t require much maintenance and is something that will operate efficiently when unattended. As it’s modular, a PV system has the potential to be expanded easily – if and when you need to cater for increasing power demands in the future.

Concerns about the cost of fuel can be mitigated in a number of ways. There’re obviously no delivery charges to worry about, and no concerns about storage. You also won’t have to worry about huge increases in energy prices, which is likely to happen in the coming years.

There are no pollution or waste issues with solar PV, so, as well as helping your company or home financially by saving money, you are also helping the environment and thinking of your local community. Also, PV modules have been tried and tested and are known for being durable. In existing PV modules, degradation has been slight over a 15 year period.

Though the initial cost of installing a solar PV system may seem expensive, in the majority of cases long term savings will more than make up for this. The cost of your system will also depend on its design. To ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefits that a PV solar system offers, select components of a good quality and hire a designer or installer with sufficient experience.

You will also need to determine whether your property is suitable for the installation of a solar PV system. This means that there should be nothing blocking sunlight getting through to the system, and that the panels on your roof are able to face south at an angle of 30 degrees.

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