Why green roofing is important

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The world is slowly uniting to fight back against climate change, and this is opening a new world of technology and green initiatives. Eco-roofs, or green roofs, offer an opportunity for homeowners to create a natural haven on their flat roof and to reap benefits for both the environment and themselves. This simple addition to your home provides a fantastic opportunity for you to do your bit for the planet, but you still might have some questions about exactly why green roofing is important.

What is green roofing?

Most commonly installed on flatter roofs, this system uses plant life instead of traditional materials to cover the roof. While this practice has been around for a while, its many environmental advantages mean that its popularity has increased in recent years. These ‘living roofs’ are usually comprised of a waterproof membrane on which a variety of vegetation can be grown, enhancing your roof with an earthy aesthetic.

What are the benefits of green roofing?

As well as offering a beautiful visual look, it’s the environmentally-friendly attributes of these roofing systems that make them so valuable. These include the following:

UV and temperature protection: A common cause of roof damage is exposure to UV rays and fluctuating temperatures. The plants on a green roof combat this problem by soaking up the UV rays and buffering against the rises and falls in temperature, allowing your roof to enjoy a longer lifespan.

Better insulation: As mentioned before, by protecting the roof from the sun’s rays, the layer of plant life acts as a barrier which can also offer great insulative properties. This property can protect your home against heat loss in winter and also retain heat in summer, resulting in green roofs boasting great thermal performance and efficiency. This allows the homeowner to use less energy to heat or cool a home, saving money and reducing the carbon footprint of the house.

Offers a green space in the grey sprawl: Urban landscapes can often appear dull and monotonous, and provide very little opportunity for the establishment of plant or animal communities. The construction of green spaces in urban environments is becoming increasingly widespread in recent years, and green roofs are valued for their ability to add amenity value to a building and to create a small sanctuary for local wildlife. Because they sustain a range of species, eco-roofs can act to increase the biodiversity of urban areas, and can serve as ‘stepping stones’ for wildlife to assist with migrations.

Relieves the strain on guttering: The soil of green roofs is effective at absorbing the precipitation that lands on it, and this water becomes incorporated into the plants’ structures or is released via evapotranspiration. This is good news for your drainage system which is likely to suffer less blockages and experience a reduced flow rate. This may also reduce ground runoff, and potentially alleviate the effects of heavy precipitation.

Vegetation acts as a carbon sink: It is well known that trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide and expel it as oxygen, and this helps reduce the levels of excess carbon dioxide that are causing problems in our atmosphere.

If you’re looking to beautify your roof with some plant life, then Protech Roofing can help you get started. Our professionals design and install eco-friendly, green roofing solutions throughout the Leeds area and beyond, and are ready to help you do your bit for the environment. For more information on any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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