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Your roof has a huge responsibility to keep house occupants warm and dry, in addition to adding huge aesthetic value to a home. With such an important role to play, it’s vital that you give your roof the care and attention it needs. Whilst many roofs boast good longevity, nothing lasts forever, and it’s crucial that you keep on top of any repairs or replacements it requires. But replacing your roof doesn’t have to be a high stress situation if you take the time to prepare. To help you get started, we’ve put together this essential roof replacement checklist to arm you with some tips before you begin.

Choose your roofing contractor wisely

Caring for your roof is a big job, and one that should be trusted to a professional and experienced company. These specialists will be responsible for the stability and quality of your roof, so choose wisely. A decent contractor will be able to offer you advice and guidance throughout the process, and also conduct a site inspection to identify and address any areas of concern.

Repair or replacement?

If your roof is suffering from cracks, damage and missing components, don’t immediately jump to a replacement. Have the outside and inside of your roof thoroughly inspected for signs of deterioration, dirt and debris, along with other external elements such as chimneys and vents. Ask your trusted roofing contractor to advise as to whether an entire roof replacement is needed, or if smaller repair actions will suffice.

Consider your personal requirements

Make sure that your project falls within your own personal requirements and limitations. Consider what you actually want to get out of your new roof in terms of quality, life expectancy, ease of installation and thermal efficiency. Take time to explore the wide range of roofing options available to you, from green roofs and EPDM, to straightforward shingles and tiles. It is also wise to draft a budget for yourself to prevent any overspending.

Prepare your home

Replacing your roof is a big undertaking, and you need to take steps to ensure your home is ready for the overhaul. Use tarps to cover up items in your attic, as building work can cause dust and debris to become dislodged and fall between cracks, settling on any property living in your loft. You also need to choose which season to start your project, and to carefully consider the temperature of the area in which you live, as both of these can influence the success of a roof replacement.

Maintenance is key

There’s little point in replacing your roof if you don’t maintain its condition. Most specialist roofing companies will offer additional maintenance services to boost your roof’s lifespan and keep it performing all year round.

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