Solar PV Panels

Protech have years of experience when it comes to installing solar PV systems on a variety of commercial, industrial and retail properties. Our team of specialist solar PV installers work with M+E Consultants, architects and property developers throughout the design of your solar systems to ensure that you get a high quality, high performance system that's also visually pleasing.

Having solar PV panels installed on your property has a number of benefits, including allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills whilst providing a way to display your environmental policies in a highly visible way. We offer a variety of solar systems, including:

Solar Panels

  • Sanddtoft intergrated PV panels
  • Flat Roof ballasted
  • Flat Roof mechanically fixed
  • Kingspan PV systems

We'll take care of everything, from the initial design stage and gaining the right planning permissions, to the professional installation by our highly experienced and qualified team. We even offer annual maintenance packages to keep your solar PV panels performing at their best. Simply give us a call or use our contact form at Protech Roofing today to find out more - 0800 998 1913.

Solar PV

Solar PV

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